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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Month in Spinning

My mom wanted to see pictures of some of the stuff I've been spinning, so without further ado...

(Click on any photos to enlarge them if you want.)

Here is the 3 lb. mass of Blue-Faced Leicester roving I bought at Hello Yarn! the night I learned how to spin. I photographed it next to a Netflix return envelope for size comparison. That's its natural colour - absolutely beautiful. Smells very, very sheepy, though. When I finished setting the twist of my last batch and hung it over my tub to dry, my whole bathroom smelled like a farmyard for days.

Here's my bobbin filled up with a single that, if left unplied, would probably be about 22 WPI lace-weight. I need to get some sort of easy-to-use measuring tool at some point, but for now I'm still learning so it doesn't matter too much.

Here is my plied yarn out on display. I've still got some tension issues and I need to work on my plying skills, but the lack of huge honking slubs is a distinct improvement over my first skeins.

And, so you can see how ridiculously thin my yarn is, here's a strand held up against a dime. I'm guessing that this is, on average, a light fingering weight, maybe 15-18 WPI. Given that my first few skeins ranged from sport to super bulky within a single skein, this is incredibly awesome.

Hey, Mom! Thanks so much for being awesome! I hope you like all of my yarn!



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