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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2008

Oh, right! I have a knitting blog! I'm going to start publishing here again, I promise. Really. Nag me if I don't.

Happiness is when your second thinnest yarn purchase at a festival is lace-weight.


What do they have at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival? Why, sheep, of course! This one here slobbered all over the front of my shirt.

This sheep is making the exact same facial expresion my cat makes when I'm scritching her chin. How cute is that?!

Lambs are ridiculously cute!

Also at the festival were prize show animals. This was some sort of fancy goat, but I didn't get the breed name.

And here's a whole pen of goats waiting to be judged in the breed competition.

While wandering around the fairground I bumped into Vivian, who came along on the trip just to sit and knit and not to buy.

After that I wandered around and saw pretty things!

There were bags and bags and bags of raw fleeces from the fleece competition that were up for sale in the main barn.

Speaking of raw fleece, oh look! A sheep being shorn!

Some before and after looks of said shorn sheep.

I saw a sheep dog demonstration. WOW, I am impressed by how well-trained those dogs are. Very impressive.


Look at that cute widdle face!

I was good about my purchases, too. I got a tank top to wear as summer pajamas.

I got two skeins of the most delicious fingering-weight alpaca I've ever felt for $16 each. It's like the best sex you've ever had, combined with your favourite ice cream. These are destined to become a pair of mittens.

This... is the most perfect blue I've ever seen. It's even more gorgeous in person. 500 yards of lace-weight kid mohair for $38 from Brooks Farm. I knew I would never again see such a beautiful shade of blue. *glomps* (The photo doesn't even remotely do it justice.)

And this, my friends, is my pride and joy of the festival. For a mere $24 I got an 8-ounce, 2480 yard skein of cobweb weight alpaca. For you non-knitters, this is equivalent in price to getting a brand new Rolls Royce for about $5,000. And for me, the fervent lace knitter, it's like Christmas, Hanukkah, my birthday, and every other wonderful day of the year all came together at the same time to surprise me. Yeah, this is definitly destined to become a wedding ring shawl.

I hope you've enjoyed my photos! Seriously, today was awesome!

(One non-awesome thing, after all that loveliness: ARGH! I remembered to put sunblock on my face, ears, neck, chest, shoulders, and even the tops of my feet, but somehow I missed my arms. How did I managed to do that?! I am now officially fried on my forearms, but it was worth it. Soooooooooooooooooo much fun!)

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